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The Mule-Drawn Carriage Difference: An Experience, Not Just a Tour

Meet Our Mules!

Each of our mules are cherished, loved, and respected for what they are capable of and what they do for us. Those who work with animals can understand how impressed we are day to day with the intellegence of our four-legged partners.

Elvis xx


Elvis is a 21 year old Percheron plow mule from Memphis, Tennessee. He's been pulling carriages through the French Quarter for 8 full years. Elvis is known for his "toots" which always have our surprised passengers laughing. This outstanding mule has a really inquisitive personality, is always harassing your for extra treats, and is one of the most photographed mules in the French Quarter.

Bojo xx


Bojo is a 12 year old thoroughbred mule we received through Craig Farms 9 years ago. BoJo was a lot to handle in his younger years, but he's really mellowed out. Nonetheless, he still requires lots of love and attention. If ignored, he will defintely remind you any way he can that he's right there. In 2015, Bojo was featured on a Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Commercial because he's "Lou-zianna fast!!"

Pretty Boy xx

Pretty Boy

This 11 year old Clydesdale mule is named Pretty Boy, because that's just what he is. When we saw him, he was just 6 years old, and our jaws just dropped. We knew Pretty Boy was capable of being more than just handsome. He's grown into one of the largest and strongest of our mules, and he pulls our stretch carriages like it's nothing.

Sugar xx


This mule was destined for New Orleans. Working as plow mule on a farm in Lagrange, Texas, Sugar wasn't getting the constant exercise she needed. Her owner, Gene Coragan, doubled as a locomotive engineer in Durango, and didn't have much need for such a young and hard-working mule. Eleven years ago, Mr. Coragan mailed a letter to Royal Carriages saying how he's always dreamed of owning an authentic French Quarter mule. Included in the letter was a photo of a fat white mule named Sugar who was just 6 years old. Over the next few months, we corresponded back and forth with Mr. Coragan, and arranged to meet in Louisiana to trade mules. We gave him a 27 year old retired mule named Sammy Davis who was one of the most famous French Quarter mules. Sammy was the perfect fit for his needs. Together Mr. Coragan and Sammy would plow a small patch of corn, and with his original grit mill, he'd make homeade grits. Mr. Coragan travels to New Orleans to share his grits with us, and to visit Sugar. He's proud to know that Sugar is a famous French Quarter mule.

Peaches xx


Formerly working as an Amish plow mule, Peaches arrived in New Orleans 5 years ago. This 13 year old mule traveled all the way from Pennsylvania. She's got such a soft trot, and is so agile and gentle with how she moves. She's a realy beauty in action, but not really interested in as much attention and affection like others. She's focused on her job. We can all take a lesson from Peaches.

Footloose xx


Footloose was part of a team that was responsible for mounting, tilling, planting, fertilizing, cutting, bailing, and delivering hay for 300 acres on a farm in Danville, Ohio. That's a lot of work compared to what he does now. He's 8 years old, and has been on the streets of the French Quarter for just 1 year. Pulling carriages for a few hours a day, with at least 2 days off a week, and 3-6 months of vacation time, this mule thinks he's climbed up the corporate ladder and is living the life of luxury!

Pepper xx


Pepper is 20 years old, and was found in a field neglected, skinny, and weak. She was taken into custody, and then arrived at the auction just in time to see us. She was still skinny, and older than what we typically look for. If we didn't buy her, where would she go? We put her on our farm in Covington, Louisiana and Dr. James Biermann D.V.M. developed a nutrition program that would help her regain her lost weight and help her develop her muscle strength. With time, this weak molly mule became healthy and strong. She's now more than capable of pulling a carriage. Her driver is impressed with how quickly she's adapted to the city life, and says she's the most incredible mule he's ever had the pleasure of working with.

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